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Martínez Alcón

I am Alberto Martínez and I am from Cáceres, Spain. I am a family guy, married with a wonderful woman with 2 daughters.

I have been involved in different e-commerce positions since 2004, till I became e-commerce manager in 2013. In that very same year and the same project I discover -and fall in love- with PrestaShop. After working in custom CMS's, I was surprised discovering how a prebuild software could be customized and useful for any kind of bussiness. And the community... is just amazing. The great PrestaShop community pushed me to give something back, for all this years of caring help.

Since 2017 I am a entrepreneur, leading my own company managing e-commerce, focused in conversion, marketing and SEO practices, always with PrestaShop as the only e-commerce platform. My clients are mostly SMEs, and PrestaShop is perfect to create a fantastic, profitable shop in a short period of time.

After making PrestaShop a core part of my life, now I want to share everything I've learned to the next generation of entrepreneurs, using a part of my time to thank everyone who have helped me before.

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