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Hi, my name is Alexius Diakogiannis and I am the Author of, co-admin of the biggest programmers group in Greece, i am a Lead Software Architect, Scrum Master, Passionate Archer, Linux Lover and JAVA Geek!

So what is a Java geek doing with a PHP e-commerce platform? As an architect I have to find my clients the best and simplest solution to their problems. As an archer I have the philosophy to aim and focus directly on the target and don't mess around with distractions. This is why I choose PrestaShop for an e-Commerce platform. It is robust, simple and just does its work in a "set it and forget it way".

As a PrestaShop Ambassador, I want to create a community based in Athens and gather people who don't know about PrestaShop or who are familiar with other e-Commerce platforms and show them that PrestaShop saves you time and money.