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Hi! I'm Ana, I was born in Madrid but I'm from Bilbao (fun fact about Bilbaínos: it is said that we are born where we want :) ), where I have lived since 2006.

I'm an economics graduate. In 2002, I did a master in web development, but, for various reasons, I did not dedicate myself to it professionally.
I first learned about PrestaShop when I was looking to create my ecommerce. I became fascinated by the solution and it allowed me to go back to the world of web development. While working on my ecommerce, I work as a freelance, under the name of "Ilusianet".

As a PrestaShop Ambassador in Bilbao, I hope to keep an active PrestaShop community where we can exchange knowledge. I also want to continue expanding my knowledge about PrestaShop and to contribute more to the community.

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