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My name is Andre Kotze. I am a born and bred Johannesburger and proud of it. I have a three-year IT Diploma from Technikon Witwatersrand. I have worked in the IT industry since completing my studies, specialising mostly in Data Warehousing within the SAS environment.

In 2014 I began setting up an online retail store with my wife. After experimenting with a couple of packages we decided that Prestahop would be our platform of choice. So in July 2014 our website was born. We have enjoyed working with Prestashop and have found the platform easy to navigate and populate. With limited web experience I was able to do the implementation and hand over the general run of the shop to my wife. She was also able to start using it pretty quickly and only really calls on me when things get very technical or we have to do major version upgrades. I have always enjoyed using the software and even though it does come with its various challenges (as all software does) I would definitely recommend it to other people.

Being new to the Prestashop Ambassador Program, and it only being launched in Johannesburg now, I would expect my role to be a contact and entry point for people. It will also be a role where I help people to localize some of the concepts and software if needed. As there has not been a similar program in South Africa (that I am aware of) Prestashop users may feel that they are the only people working with it and it may be nice to know there are other people out there going through the same experiences, who can share learnings, ideas, issues and rewards.

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