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Ann Karina

Hello! My name is Ann Karina Robson and I am from Denmark. I have been working with IT and web since 2002.

I opened my first shop in 2009, and in the beginning of 2010 it was moved to PrestaShop version 1.2, so I have been around the block with all the new versions and the many features that PrestaShop has been expanded with over the years. I still have my shop

As soon as I started using PrestaShop, I joined the PrestaShop forum. Over the years I have contributed with thousands of post in the forums, particularly in the Danish forum. I contribute to the Danish translations - unfortunately not as much as I would like too, due to lack of spare time. My forum name is Prestafan1234.

In 2013 I was getting more and more requests to help people with their shops, so I decided to open my consultancy business, where I help with almost all aspects of running a shop, whether it's installation, upgrading or just general use of PrestaShop.

I am still very active in the forum, and I am still a passionate PrestaShop user. Therefore, it seemed completely obvious to become a PrestaShop Ambassador, since helping people with their e-commerce adventure and PrestaShop, is my favorite thing.

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