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Hello there! Nice that you came along. I am Chiel, a passionate e-merchant using PrestaShop.

Before starting my ecommerce company, I completed a Masters in Animal Sciences. Although totally different from ecommerce, there is still a strong link as I am selling beekeeping equipment in Western Europe!

I do myself most of the IT work within PrestaShop and when needed I find an expert to help me. My main focus within PrestaShop is new developments, new techniques and SEO. But of course I try to keep up with all fields in ecommerce.

As an ambassador for PrestaShop in the Netherlands; I hope to bring the community more together. My targets as ambassador are to maintain an active community in the Netherlands where we can learn from each other and get more in-depth knowledge of PrestaShop.

Beside a passion for ecommerce, I’m a devoted traveler. Mainly to get inspired and learn more about different cultures. I hope to see you soon at one of the PrestaShop meetups!

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