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Trained as an engineer, I started in E-commerce in 2011 when I created my first online shop with PrestaShop 1.4. I regret wanting to do everything on my own at the beginning, it clearly slowed down my development. Since 2013, I regularly call upon developers in order to exceed my technical limits: results are convincing and improvements are significant.
I’m not really active on the PrestaShop Forum: I prefer interacting with the community in a physical manner. This is why I very quickly attended the PrestaShop Day in Paris and in Madrid, as well as meetups in my region. I personally feel the need to meet the members of the community: it can give birth to beautiful stories and also brings a part of real life in our jobs, which are often too virtual.
In 2015, I created a coworking space reserved for online sellers from Madrid and the key word is collaboration! In addition to store our goods or consolidating shipments to get a more attractive shipping price, we share a lot more than offices! The goal is to create real synergies, to share tips, etc.
As an Ambassador, I want to be able to put merchants in touch with developers in order to contribute to the success of each of them, and to create a physical community with all kinds of profiles.

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