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Sagar Pokhrel

I am a Lecturer in the Computer Science & IT Department (with a concentration in Core Web Programming and E-Commerce) at Prime College (Kathmandu, Nepal). I am also working as a Freelance Web/Software developer since 2013. Beside these, I am an Information Technology trainer, part time blogger and a novice researcher. I believe that “Sharing is Caring”. I have conducted some workshops including ones in Web development, Blogging, Social Media, E-Commerce, Windows Application Development, and Professional Presentation etc. I am also an event manager for the "ICT Meetup 2013: Academia-Industry Collaboration” in Nepal. I possess a keen interest in Data Science and Business Intelligence. I started using PrestaShop with PrestaShop version RC2 in late 2012, almost 3.5 years ago.

Currently I am using PrestaShop as an open source educational software to assist students in understanding ecommerce portal development and in completing their projects. Till now, I have organized many PrestaShop workshops in different IT and engineering colleges in Nepal.

Being an ambassador/representative for PrestaShop in Nepal, I am working to establish an active community there; assist the community to understand PrestaShop better and solve related problems with collaborative learning approach. I love to share my knowledge and to give life to the ideas of ecommerce startups and future entrepreneurs around my locality.

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