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My name is Iván Ivánka and I have been a proud user of PrestaShop since 2013. I am an entrepreneur who is always looking for innovation, better solutions and opportunities.

Over the years, I took part in creating, developing, upgrading, improving, hosting numerous companies, webshops and am still doing it. Since I have a marketing background, I like to have the overall picture and transform ideas into revenue and profit generating, breathing machines.

As a PrestaShop Ambassador, my personal goal is to give the final push, knowledge or key (or all of them) to people who want to start or improve a smart business. Along with that, I also envision creating a community of developers, merchants and professionals who are helping and motivating each and every other.

Whether you are looking for help, advice or have a great idea which makes our life in the PrestaShop Community easier or better - my door is always open, just call or email me.

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