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Hi! I’m the CEO of, and CTO of I have been using e-commerce since 2011, when I founded Mixshop.

In 2014, I joined Vape29 as a new partner and CTO, and started help Vape29 move its offline business to online business, At the time, I started to test and use PrestaShop and was amazed to see that PrestaShop provided so many supports on its modules and software information. Thus, I decided to move to PrestaShop. Since then, I have continued helping implement and develop new modules to fit its business needs.

As a PrestaShop Ambassador, I believe every online business is different in many ways, but they all need great tools. From my experience, I know PrestaShop will be the best online software for them. I also believe everyone can be improved by sharing knowledge and experience. I want to help PrestaShop Toronto community to gather more people and share the same values on online business and software.

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Canada, Montréal, QC