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My name is Roberto and I am the owner / founder of Adgrab, a small business in media brokering for the global market. Entrepreneurship and Innovation is my passion and I have always been a consulting catalyst to my business pals, introducing new innovations to business growth. PrestaShop is definitely one of my favourite innovation where technology meets entrepreneurship to enable many business owners to build great and robust e-commerce sites.

I am revamping my new site on Prestashop once again, this time with more cool features for my users. Having used other e-commerce sites like BigCommerce and CoreCommerce, PrestaShop is definitely a refreshing difference and enabling me with greater feature and control.
It is definitely a humbling honour to be named as a PrestaShop ambassador and I endeavour to work with the local PrestaShop community to build up and develop an awesome environment for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers and designers.