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Toronto, Canada

Hi! I’m the CEO of, and CTO of I have been using e-commerce since 2011, when I founded Mixshop. In 2014, I... Read More

Berlin, Germany

Hi, my name is Steffan Butzmann from Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany. I'm 32 years old and graduated with diploma as Multimedia Producer.... Read More

Johannesburg, South Africa

My name is Andre Kotze. I am a born and bred Johannesburger and proud of it. I have a three-year IT Diploma from Technikon Witwatersrand. I... Read More

Cape Town, South Africa

Hi, I'm Tosyn, born in Lagos, living in Cape Town South Africa. I have a Bachelor in Business Information Technology with years of... Read More

Pretoria, South Africa

Hi, my name is Ian Muller. I am an entrepreneur and I live in Pretoria, South Africa. I have a business management background and... Read More

Lagos, Nigeria

Hello! My name is Mark Oyeniyi, I am a Web developer, Digital marketer, Graphics designer and a Digital Trainer/Educator. I organize... Read More

Budapest, Hungary

My name is Iván Ivánka and I have been a proud user of PrestaShop since 2013. I am an entrepreneur who is always looking for innovation,... Read More

Rabat, Morocco

Hi, my name is Marwane Chahoud. I am a full stack web developer and currently studying at the National school of applied science. My... Read More

São Paulo, Brazil

Hi, my name is Antonio. I live in São Paulo-Brazil and I love technology. I have a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree... Read More

Ankara, Turkey

Hi! I am Alper, 36 year old Industrial Engineer in Ankara, Turkey. My hobbies are DIY projects, Software Developing, Coding, and Project... Read More

Marrakesh, Morocco

My name is Hosny, I'm a Web Developer currently living in Marrakesh. Computers and technology were always a passion for me, but I found... Read More

Madrid, Spain

Trained as an engineer, I started in E-commerce in 2011 when I created my first online shop with PrestaShop 1.4. I regret wanting to do... Read More