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I am Živojin Katić and I am from Petrovaradin, Serbia.
I am a family guy, have 4 beautiful daughters.

My profession is a Graphic Designer, dynamic and never boring. I have been in this business for over 30 years. Doing a job I've got a lot of contacts with entrepreneurs, and they asked me is there are online store software, solution for sale over internet, because they wanted to offer their products to the wider market outside the borders of their cities, countries. And I start to search....and then I found my second love. This happened at 2013. And I became a part of this big family.

The main reason why I love PrestaShop is great community that is enormous and provides incredible support to anyone who starts using this software.
This is also reason why I want to be a part of this big family, to help others.

I am also lead my own company, besides design services, we provide the press service and consulting service, everything for starting your own business. PrestaShop greatly fit into the needs of business beginners. During these 6 years of dealing with PrestaShop, I created a small community of PrestaShop business users, which slowly but surely increases.
There is an unwritten rule: "if someone unfamiliar helps you, you also need to help someone unknown". PrestaShop helped me, and I feel the need to help others and be part of this positive movement.