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I am Cristi Lucan – Marketing and Education professional with an extensive experience in web-development management and systems design and architecture.

My first contact with PrestaShop was when I had to manage the developing of a new custom-made Learning Management System (LMS). After a lot of research, I saw that PrestaShop is the best modular platform that could sustain the developemnt of an entire system that automates the operations (previously made on different applications) and concentrates everything into a single platform that provides everything from product presentation, to enrolling, invoicing, financial & reporting, marketing, country price policies, grades management, certificates printing, logistics, shipping and customer service including integrated helpdesk, live chat and call center.

I discovered in PrestaShop an entire world of possibilities and an important foundation to build a management system with features that any business needs, no matter if it’s an online or an offline business.

My main goal as a PrestaShop Ambassador is to share the knowledge and the best practices about using PrestaShop in order to help businesses develop and optimize their activities.

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