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Web developer since 2011
I’ve discovered PrestaShop near the 1.3 version and I found this eCommerce solution very incredible.

Since that day, I’ve worked on PrestaShop every day! Building modules, creating themes, making training and helping customers to make their shop greater.

And it’s for that I’ve created in 2016 my website, specialized in technical issues, implementing new features and migrate your PrestaShop to new versions!

My role as an ambassador is to help users to personnalise their shop, help them to configure it and solve technical issues if they have them.
I wish to make PrestaShop community grow by helping people and add great features to PrestaShop by buildings modules like the smartmenu that I’ve created.

You can meet me to PrestaShop’s meetup in Montpellier organized with CreaNico (other PrestaShop’s ambassador) for talking about your shop about to implementing features or fixing issues if you have them.

You can also find me on Facebook group too (PrestaShop France)

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