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Hong Kong

My name is Jimmy. I am an entrepreneur, running a small business about healthcare devices trading. I possess a MBA degree from Hong Kong and BS computer science from the US. I used to live and work as a system engineer in Japan for 8 years. I speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese and English.

I think I have a solid experience in e-commerce. I used an ASP to write a shopping cart for my part time online shop business from 2002 to 2006. I was a very early ebayer. My last job was a digital marketing specialist and managing company Asia Pacific websites and online marketing stuff such as Korea, Japan, China, Australia and Hong Kong.

How do I know PrestaShop? Actually, I have known this ecommerce software for a long time, but I had not used it until recently. I got a customer order on building a shopping cart. In this project, I wanted to try a new and pure shopping cart platform. I found out PrestaShop was very user friendly, easier to customize and implement.

I am so excited I will get to know different people with common interest through the PrestaShop Ambassador Program. We can exchange knowledge on e-commerce, help each other to grow our businesses and support the local PrestaShop Community.