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Hello guys! This is Konstantinos A. Kogkalidis based in Drama, Greece.

I found out PrestaShop back in 2010 (I still have my first newsletter as proof). Actively, I’ve been using it from 2012 as an amateur merchant and later "experimenting" as a developer of modules (Jan / Feb 2015). I’m expecting my graduation from Accounting (Bsc) next May and the next semester I will attend Computer Science (Bsc).

Every single day of my life, I think about ways that will make us #1 in the fields that we currently aren't. Because of that, I am developing modules that enable PrestaShop to have not only sell-oriented features.

In this hunting of knowledge, I got many tips from the forum itself. That's why I help other people too. I was in their position and I never forget from where I started. I always try to get better, having in mind greater contributors than me. Someone helped me back then, so morally I have to give it back somehow.

I am new Ambassador (the 1st in Greece), so I have much to learn and make us a bigger and stronger community under the helpful guidance of Sabrina, our program manager!

Hope to be a helpful contributor in my region, welcoming newer ambassadors as I get older and wiser.