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Hello! My name is Milos, the Community on PrestaShop forums calls me "Vekia". I'm specialist in relative and spatial database management so-called as "GIS Analyst".

My experience with PrestaShop began in 2008. I started my journey with PrestaShop 1.0 - first I did not believe that the store in version 1.0 would be perfect, but I was wrong. Even in those days it was really a very good solution. And here I am - I've been enjoying my time with the best ecommerce engine for 7 years now.

In 2010 I registered to the official Community forum. I signed up there to look for solutions to my questions and to share my free solutions for PrestaShop, I gained a lot of experience then I started to help others. My contribution to the Community was recognized and thus I became the person who also moderates the forum and helping others at the same time.

I had the pleasure to receive an award as "The Most Active Forum Contributor" during the PrestaShop Day in Paris, June 2015. I'm really proud of it - it is also a motivation to continue to work hard for the Community. WeCommerce is better e-Commerce :-)

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