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My name is Robertino M. Vasilescu, I was born and currently live in Bucharest, Romania.
I have a BA degree in Management at the Economy Studies Academy one of the most prestigious universities in Romania.

But my true calling and vocation is IT and especially the Internet and related software. From the beginning I was fascinated by the Internet and the tremendous changes it unleashed. I can proudly showcase the 10th Internet user subscription in Romania!

In 2010 I discovered PrestaShop, following a client request to help him implement this solution.
I was immediately attracted by PrestaShop’s novelty, features, ambitious goals and the support that even then was admirable from either the developers or the enthusiastic fans. Since then I started to recommend this platform to my clients and have been more successful with it as by every day my knowledge of PrestaShop was growing. It has been my choice for my Jewelry business and I have been with it through every minor upgrade, got into and solved lots and lots of things with the help of the developers and the constantly growing community.

For an ecommerce platform I always recommend PrestaShop not only because I am so familiar with it but mainly because I know it is the best option both for the smaller enterprises and to the major ones.
I’d like to be a part of the PrestaShop phenomenon and to add my part to make it well known among the Romanian growing community of developers and entrepreneurs.

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