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Catania, Italy

Hi! My name is Roberto Di Stefano, I live in Catania (Italy). I’ve graduated in Computer Science in 2012, and during my studies I... Read More

Lima, Peru

Hi, my name is Carlos, I was born in Iquitos, Peru, and now live in Lima where I studied Computer Engineering with a specialization in... Read More

Poznań, Poland

Hello! My name is Milos, the Community on PrestaShop forums calls me "Vekia". I'm specialist in relative and spatial database management so... Read More

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Hi! My name is Fernand Wafo, I'm Cameroonian. I'm passionate about the web industry, ecommerce and mobile web. I always want to be up-to-... Read More

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hi, my name is Deyson. I have made several projects with PrestaShop, and I really like this ecommerce solution! That's why I'm delighted to... Read More

Düsseldorf, Germany

Hi! My name is Eugen Kuschnir. I'm an IT-Consultant and software-engineer from Düsseldorf, Germany. I was born in Ukraine and have been... Read More

Málaga, Spain

My name is Jose Antonio Ruiz Cantero, and I live in Málaga (Spain). I have a multi-facetted profile: Software Engineer, Web Projects... Read More

Málaga, Spain

Hi! My name is Ismael Torres. I’m a developer, a travel blogger, a runner and a PrestaShop lover. I discovered PrestaShop several years... Read More

Montpellier, France

I installed my first PrestaShop store in 2009. It was a great first experience that made me believe in this new promising ecommerce... Read More

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Lucas Vitale (also known as "Shacker" on the forum), and I've been using PrestaShop since 2009. When I tried PrestaShop for... Read More

Buenos Aires, Argentina

My name is Ariel Spampinato, I'm from Argentina an I'm an IT Engenieer. I have been using PrestaShop since 2011 when I found out about it... Read More

Paris, France

Young entrepreneur, traveler and former French Speaker for GoPro Europe, Edouard received his first wage as a waiter in the City in London... Read More